Monday, November 15, 2010


I feel like I haven't been so good with my blogging lately! Especially for my crafty things. The only real projects I have been working on are Christmas cards! However I LOVE making Christmas cards so it's fun!! I promise I will post some of my faves soon!
Things have been so crazy the past few weeks with trying to get everything ready and done for Andre leaving. I am sure you guys are tired of hearing about when Andre leaves, but (of course!) it's on my mind! We had the farewell party with our church family on Saturday. It was sooooo nice, we all just hung out, ate amazing food and talked! Andre said he had a lot of fun, which is good since he usually hates going to obligatory events. Maybe he just had fun since he was the center of attention haha!!! I am trying to be strong about him leaving, but there are moments when I think about him not being here and I get really sad. Sometimes I think to myself, "it'll just be like when he worked in the restaurants, Jeana! He didn't get home til like 2 a.m. then and you went to sleep without him all the time!" But then I remember.... he won't be there when I awake. I think the part that will be the hardest is Sundays, we met at church, we started dating from going to the same bible study.... I am not looking forward to sitting alone during service on Sundays. However, I know I have such a huge support system there, that I won't be "alone" I will just not be sitting by my husband! In one week I can start a new countdown! The countdown til I get to see him graduate from Basic!
All the kiddos are doing really great, Mason and Kira bring so much joy into our home. They are such loves and Frankie and Tre LOVE when they are here. Frankie is so funny, he is really starting to talk. But he won't say the easy things, he would rather say "yellow light" and knock knock jokes. His new thing is he likes to hide. At family dinner last night he was hiding in my step sisters closet, but then couldn't get out haha. She thought it was her puppy in there and when she opened the door and saw Frankie she was quite surprised. Tre is officially a walker now, he walks all over the place and it is so adorable. He is starting to talk as well, he says Mama, Dada, Papa, Nana, and "all done". I am not going to write too much about him since he will have his birthday in a week and I will blog all about him only! Ok, well I guess that's all of my update for now. Be blessed ♥

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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know..I LOVE YOU!!!! And whenever you need a friend, I am ALWAYS here bean! I know so much time goes between us without talking, but you are always and will always be close to my heart! I love you-and I am here for you.