Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh How They Grow

When you become a parent everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tells you, "Enjoy this while you can, because they grow up so fast." And it is true, in the matter of 6 months you see your child change from sleeping almost 24 hours a day and really just laying there to being able to lift their head, laugh, sit up by themselves and many many other feats. I have noticed (as have my friends and family) that for the littlest things that Frankie conquers, things that we as adults take for granted every day I get overly excited. I log it on the calendar and make sure to take pictures so that every tiny little thing he learns is documented not to be forgotten. The question I ask myself today, as he gets older, say when he is an unruly teenager, will I still get excited over the little things he learns? Or will I just consider it common feat and discard it like the ads that come in the mail? Today I challenge all parents, to take a second look at all the little things your children, no matter what age they are, accomplish and get excited that they are still constantly growing and learning new things. Don't let these accomplishments fall by the wayside. I know I am going to try to remember this as my children grow. 

The pictures above are some of Frankie's accomplishments so far: Sitting up, finding his toes, holding his head up on his own and his first big smile.