Saturday, June 18, 2011

Change is a'comin

and it's coming way too fast.Yesterday my awesomely gorgeous, amazing husband came home after a long seven months of training with the U.S. Army. My greatest fear that Tre would react negatively to this due to his being so young (the ripe old age of exactly ONE) when Andre left, was dispelled as soon as Tre jumped in Andre's arms at the airport. The kids have been on cloud nine since last night which could bring me no greater joy. However, I am finding it hard to stay "cheerful" as the looming date of our move to Washington is fast approaching.

Las Vegas is my home. It has been for practically my entire life. It's not my home because of it's location, but because of the family I have that live here. If they were in a different city, that would be home. I have been a "daddy's girl" since, well, forever. My daddy is here, he has been for practically HIS whole life. My kids adore my daddy, just as much as I do, and as much as they adore Andre. I know it's going to be quite an adjustment for them to not see their Nana and Papa every Sunday for family dinner.... or get to see every single one of their other grandparents that all live here at least once a week.

Within the next few weeks we will have to say goodbye to our home, made up of many wonderful friends, almost all of our family, and the church that brought Andre and I together. While I know that this is the beginning of a new chapter, where we will make many more wonderful friends, get to know even more family, and find a new church family as well, I am having a hard time swallowing this giant pill that has the emblem CHANGE emblazoned on it. I will go into this new chapter with an open heart and mind, embracing what God has in His plan for us. But in these last few weeks, I know there will be many tears shed for the goodbyes to come, and the excitement/fear of building our new "home."