Thursday, September 17, 2009

A year come and gone....

It seems so unreal to me that in just a few days my baby boy will be a year old. It has been a year full of discoveries, tons of laughter, equal amounts of tears (on both our parts!!) and many many lessons learned. As my son is learning to take his first steps (yup he is almost there!!! Walking more and more every day!) I wonder if he knows how much trust he has to have to do so. Trust in himself that is, no longer relying on Mommy or Daddy to hold him up, and help him to keep his balance. A part of me wants to keep him little and totally dependent on Andre and myself, and the other wants him to just walk already so I don't have to carry him! I wonder if this is how I will feel with all of his growing independence? Will I fight between wanting to be what he needs, and just letting go?

My son is going to have his first birthday... so many firsts. First smile, first giggle, first tooth, first time rolling over, first ouchie, first fall, first time crawling, first steps... and there are so many more to come. With each "first" that he learns, I learn so many things as well. I think that is my favorite part of being a mom, watching him learn, and me getting to learn right alongside.