Monday, July 26, 2010

Big News!!!!

Well, we have some big news!! And it's NOT that I am pregnant thank the Lord :)

After many months of prayer and counsel, Andre has enlisted in the US Army as a medic. He leaves for Basic Training on baby Tre's 1st birthday, November 22. I am very happy that he will get to come home during Basic for Christmas ♥

Please keep our family in your prayers as we embark on this new journey. I am extremely proud of my husband. I also am very excited for the opportunities that we will now be able to offer our children that we would not be able to if we weren't part of the military. They will now get to travel and see many parts of the US, and the world!

We will still be in Las Vegas for at least 10 more months spending as much time with our family and friends as we can, then wherever the Army stations us we will go!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Holy moly where have I been!? Well, Mason and Kira are officially placed with us now, so anytime after January 1st the adoption can be finalized. We are so very excited about this!! I have been spending a lot of time helping Andre with his real estate marketing, and he found a firm that is going to help more with it, soooo, that means more time to play with my kiddos!! Andre is beginning a Bible Training course this week that is very close to the upper level classes you would take at a Bible College, taught by our associate pastor, Bob Paget. We are extremely excited about what we can learn through this and about going deeper in our biblical knowledge!!

Little Andre is getting so big!! He is ALWAYS on the go, crawling everywhere, exploring everything. He has begun to pull himself up on things and gets quite frustrated when he can't get back down. I just know he'll be walking in the next 2-3months.

Kira has really come out of her shell, she has such a funny personality. She loves to be silly, and loves to make Tre laugh :) She is quite  the clumsy one, always falling and getting bruises. We are hoping to get her in a dance class soon, as she LOVES to dance, and Mommy is hoping it will help her clumsiness!!

Frankie is still the little cutie pie, he is also always on the go. I can try to get him to sit down and watch a movie and he lasts about 10 minutes, then is off to playing again! He loves to play pretend and is always making us laugh.

Mason, oh my Mason man is getting SO big! He will be 4 next month, which I just can't believe!! He is a natural born leader and loves to be our big helper. He is just a joy to have around!!

And as for me, I have been doing quite a bit of crafting lately! I have made some things to decorate Kira's room, and tons of stuff for my good friend Connie's baby shower (her first girl!!!) that is coming up soon. I am so blessed to have a family that supports me in doing what I love, crafting!!

And my last thought for the day: God is with us in every circumstance, good and bad. Remember to praise Him at ALL times!!