Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog hopping....

Well this morning I was on the scrapbeach and found a wonderful blog!! Ms. Rita's blog, I was reading through it and love her insights! She is doing a giveaway where you can help Haiti too!! Check her out here!

I will post an update of family stuff soon!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Beckie!!

Today is Andre's mama's birthday!!! Beckie is so wonderful, she is always helping people and just loves everyone! Frankie loves it when she comes over to watch him or just to say hi because she always plays fun games with him :) I can't wait for little Tre to get bigger so he can play with her too!! We just love her so much!!

This is a picture of her and Frankie right after he was born....

and here is her birthday card!!

Happy Birthday Beckie!!!!! 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Blessed New Year!

I can't quite believe another year has come and gone. A what a year it was! There was a lot of joy, a lot of tears and challenges but God was there through it all and made it a great year. I have decided that instead of wishing a "happy" new year to everyone that I am wishing a blessed new year!! I hope that this year pours out blessings and joy upon you all!! Ok, for the fun part - thought I would share my 10 goals for 2010 with you guys :)

1- NOT to be pregnant in 2010 hahahaha
2- to eat a fruit and vegetable every day
3- read the entire bible
4- learn Hebrew
5- dance every day
6- learn more crafting techniques and apply them!!!
7- adopt my niece & nephew
8- get licensed as a realtor so I can help my hubby with all the paperwork
9- take the family to Santa Cruz
10- actually keep my blog updated heehee!

What are some of your goals??