Thursday, March 4, 2010

it's been awhile....

Wow, things have been kind of crazy on the home front so I haven't been able to update in awhile. Sorry! Where to start!? Grandpa came to visit this past weekend which was so nice, we went to breakfast at The Cracked Egg and sweet little Frankie went crazy for their coffee cake (I don't blame him it was AMAZING!!) Frankie is becoming quite the character, he is beginning to form small sentences (i.e. Hi Dada, I did it, no touch) and he loves to be on the go. He is really starting to love being a big brother and snuggles and gives hugs and kisses to Tre whenever he gets the chance.Tre is 3 months old now and so big. He is so strong he has been able to hold his head up since he was 2 days old and is now beginning to roll over. He is just the happiest baby with the biggest smiles all the time. And the best part, he sleeps a good 6-8 hours at night!! Woohoo for mama, that means I actually get some sleep!

Now for the biggest news - as some of you know my niece and nephew were taken into the custody of CPS in October of '08 and have been living with my dad and stepmom since. Well as of the 22nd of this month they will be officially placed with us and in 6 months we will be able to adopt them!! We are very excited!! Mason in 3 and a half and just a lovebug. He is such a good big brother and the leader of the pack. Kira will be 2 in a little over a month and is little miss sassy pants but a total "mommy's girl" I love that I am going to have some pink in the house - and that these precious babies will get to stay in the family and not get wrapped up in  the foster care system. God has really blessed us with this venture and our families have been such great support. Keep us in your prayers as we embark on this new adventure as we know it will come with many challenges, but is so worth it. 

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